5 Myths About Metal Roofs, Debunked

Even as people are drawn to metal roofs for the longevity and their looks, there are others who have a lot of concerns about them based on what they’ve heard. If you had your reservations, we wanted to set the record straight on some of the most common misconceptions. In most of these, the truth is actually the opposite of what people commonly think. We’ll explain:

1. A Metal Roof Will Dent

Thankfully, metal roofs are designed to withstand storms without being damaged. Very large hail would be able to dent the roof or cause damage, but that hail would be large enough that it could damage any type of roof, not just a metal one. In addition, metal roofs are able to withstand high winds, making them a safe choice no matter where you live.

2. Metal Roofs Will Make Your Home Cold

The only thing that will make your home cold is not having enough insulation under the roof. Metal roofs are no colder than the traditional shingled variety.

3. Metal Roofs Are More Likely to Get Struck by Lightning

Although metal can conduct electricity, lightning isn’t drawn to it. In addition, the metal roof will be able to dissipate the electricity, instead of passing it on to the rest of the house. Meaning, with metal roofs you are less likely to have a fire if your roof does get struck by lightning.

4. Metal Roofs Will Rust

Remember, metal roofs aren’t made of iron (which will rust, if exposed to the elements). Rather, they are made of steel with a zinc or aluminum coating on top. This coating is bonded to the steel to make it as strong as possible, and its then painted. Not only can you choose the exact color that you want your metal roof to be, you can rest assured it won’t rust.

5. Metal Roofs Are Noisy During a Storm

You may have heard before how metal roofs were noisy when it was raining. That’s since changed, due to being installed on top of an existing roof or layers of plywood or other materials. In fact, because of this insulation, they may be quieter than a traditional roof.

Hopefully now that you see that these myths for what they are, you can consider a metal roof for your home. They are a wonderful way to improve your home’s value while protecting your family.

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