Gutter Repair Vancouver, WA

Workman Repairing Guttering On Exterior Of HouseAlthough gutter cleaning is pretty low on the “fun stuff to do” list, and can even be dangerous at times, functioning rain gutters provide a valuable service. By taking the rainwater away from the house, gutters do their part to prevent water damage to the roof, interior, and even the foundation of the house.

Outside of damage caused by falling tree limbs or shingles breaking or falling off during severe storms, standing water causes the most damage. In fact, it may cause even more damage in the long run because you can’t see what’s happening until it’s too late. From dry rot in the attic to mold or mildew in the walls.

Additionally, a gutter full of leaves and other debris won’t allow water to drain away from the house. It can also be quite heavy, pulling away from the home. This exposes even more of the roof structure as well as the siding of the home. Water will fall from the roof directly on to the siding and the ground below.

Streaks on the side of your home, ground erosion, and basement flooding are all indications that your gutter system is faulty. Cleaning the gutters is a good first step to preventing these issues, but it might also be time for a new system altogether.

Signs of a Faulty Gutter System

Think you may be having issues with your gutter system? It could be more than a collection of leaves, moss, or other debris. Take a visual inspection from the ground and look for some tell-tale signs such as:

Lifted roofing along the gutters
This is a sign of ice dams, caused by continual freezing and thawing during the winter. Incorrect gutter installations or other issues cause water to pool in the gutter. As it freezes, it expands back into the roof, pushing shingles up, and allowing more water in. It freezes again, expands further into the roof, and pushes up more of the shingles.

As the underlayment and decking become more exposed to the elements, more water from rain or thawing snow and ice will find its way into your home. Soffits, fascia boards, siding, and eventually the interior of the home can be affected.

Grooves in Landscaping
As you inspect the gutters, look at the ground below. Is there a rut or several holes in a row? That’s excess water from faulty gutters and continually crashing down. Just like the Colorado River created much of the Grand Canyon, this continual cycle of rain will erode the ground below.

If the water is allowed to pool near the house, it will find its way next to the foundation, looking for nooks and crannies to fill. Much like the ice dams above, it will freeze and expand those areas. It’s a slow process, but if not addressed, it could happen for months.

After a few years, those little nooks become bigger and bigger, hurting the integrity of the foundation. This excess water could also affect any landscaping in the area, saturating the ground with more water than the plants, shrubs, or bushes can handle, leading to rot.

Gaps between the roof and gutter
No matter what type of gutters you have on the home, if they aren’t able to catch excess water, they’re useless. In many cases, the gutter is too heavy for the original gutter nails to hold in place. Even if you hammer the nails back in, they will never be as efficient as when they were first installed.

That gap will continue to grow as other gutter nails are asked to hold more weight. Larger gaps mean less water is captured, which means more potential for damage below. Make note of all three issues when you call gutter companies in Vancouver.

Roofing and Gutter Repair in Vancouver, WA

Warner Roofing and Repair has been repairing and replacing gutters, downspouts, and fascia boards since 1992. In addition to providing exceptional customer service, we have the tools and access to several designs of high-quality gutters for repairing your system. From seamless gutters made from aluminum to copper half-round gutters, we’ll be able to match the style of your home.

In addition to gutter repair, we also offer complete roof replacements, re-roofing, and skylight or solar tube installation. We bring it all together to create a cohesive roofing system designed to protect your home for decades. If you would like a free estimate, contact us today.