Roofing battle ground wa

Roofing Battle Ground, WA

When you’re looking for the best solution for your roofing needs, Battle Ground, Washington residents should look no further than the friendly experts at Warner Roofing.


Warner Roofing is a full-service Battle Ground roofing company with over 30 years of experience installing and repairing all kinds of roof types. We pride ourselves on providing unmatched service, no matter what roofing needs you have.

Warner Roofing & Construction provides every roofing service you might need, including:

  • Roof Repair
  • New Roof Installation
  • Gutters
  • Skylights
  • Solar Tubes

Roof Repair

Your roof has been reliable for many years, but even the most expertly installed roofs will eventually begin to degrade and need repair. It’s best that you regularly monitor the condition of your roof in order to catch issue early enough to keep it from developing into bigger problems.

If you see missing shingles, or materials are deteriorating or damaged, don’t hesitate to call us to repair and restore your roof.

New Roof Installation

Are you involved in a new construction project? Whether it’s your own home, or a project you are handling as a general contractor, Warner Roofing can install a roof that not only provides you the security you need, but the visual appeal that matches the general aesthetics of the entire home.



With the amount of precipitation we experience in the Northwest, your gutters and downspouts work overtime to protect your home. If your gutters are damaged or filled with debris, rainwater can overflow and cause problems. Given this fact, it’s especially important for homeowners to be extra vigilant about properly maintaining them. If you need new gutters or downspouts, give us a call today.



With months of limited natural light in the Northwest, skylights can provide a great solution to maximize that light in the winter months, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine during the summer. If you want a new skylight installed, or have one that needs repair or replacement, we offer a free consultation and very affordable services.


Solar Tubes

If you have attic space between a room and your roof, that doesn’t mean you can’t access the extra sunlight that is normally provided by a skylight. In this case, you may be able to have a solar tube installed. Sometimes referred to as sun tunnels or tubular skylights, solar tubes are a cost-effective alternative to skylights. Since a room doesn’t have to be directly under the roof opening, so you can direct the light to whatever room you want. We are one of the only roofing contractors in Battle Ground WA that even offers this service. 

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