Residential Roofing in Vancouver, WA

As the single largest part of your home and the first line of defense against the elements, your roof plays a very big part in the comfort of your home. A poorly installed roof, or a roof well beyond its normal life span, causes problems in the short term as well as the long term.

If these issues are left unaddressed, the damage may become so obtrusive, you may even have to leave your home. Small problems may include water stains on the ceiling. Big problems include dry rot in the ceiling joists, black mold in the walls, and other potential structural issues.

Quality Roofing Professionals in Vancouver

Whether it’s a whole home renovation, a new addition to the home, or a complete tear-off, Warner Roofing and Construction has decades of experience with different roofing projects. While most roofers will only deal with the roofing system itself (roofing, underlayment, decking), we also offer expert construction expertise. Warner Roofing Truck

If the attic trusses or joists are in danger, we have the ability to make those repairs. This saves you the time and the money of hiring another company to remedy the situation. Working with one point of contact, the overall roofing project is much more efficient and you won’t need to worry about miscommunication between two different contractors.

Roofing Materials

Although asphalt roofing shingles were quite common in the Vancouver and Clark County areas, shingle roofing technology has improved quite a bit. Gone are the 3-tab asphalt shingles you grew up with. Composite shingles now make up the bulk of residential roofing, although there are some instances of cedar wood shakes on homes looking for a certain look.

We are also experienced with metal roofing, composite slate, and other types of roofing materials. Are you looking to re-roof a rental property, or in the middle of a whole-home remodeling project on your forever home, or just need some repair work done on your first home?

Warner Roofing and Construction will work with you to design-build the ideal roofing system for you and your home. Price is a consideration of course, but shouldn’t lead the conversation. Life expectancy, aesthetics, durability, weight restrictions to meet code, and more should all play a part in your decision.

For example, Certainteed makes a composite slate material that looks great and is guaranteed for 50 years and some metal roofing lasts even longer. But does the cost outlay makes sense on a 900 square foot starter home? We’ll go through the scenarios that make the most sense for your home and your financial situation.

Residential Roofing Accessories

While the main job of a roofing system is to take precipitation away from the home, there are several ways to give your roof some added interest and curb appeal. Additional points of interest include skylights and solar tubes. Not only do they bring in additional natural life, but they also make your home look that much more elegant.

Other accessories, such as roofing vents along the crest of the roof, are required to prevent moisture buildup and to help with the overall energy efficiency of the home. Along with every vent, skylight, solar tube, and so forth, Warner Roofing meets or exceeds all code requirements for flashing and other protective materials.

After all, no matter how good a roof looks, it’s only as good as the roofing company that installed it. There are so many advantages to skylights – but letting in a bunch of rain shouldn’t be one of them. Warner Roofing and Construction understand that while looks are important, making sure roofing lasts is the ultimate goal.

Your Expert Vancouver Roofing Contractor

For nearly 30 years, Warner Roofing and Construction has been performing professional residential roof repair, roof replacements, and other roofing services for your friends and neighbors. As roofing technology improves, our crews undergo training to stay ahead of the game. Contact Warner Roofing and Construction for a free estimate and see how we can help.

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