Skylight Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Skylights are designed to let beautiful natural daylight into your home. But if installed improperly, what’s essentially a window in your roof can let in a whole lot more. At Warner Roofing & Construction, we understand the appeal of skylights and we want you to enjoy the warmth and beauty they can provide without the headaches of condensation and leaks.

Skylight Advantages
skylight-repair-vancouver-waThe obvious attraction of a skylight is the amount of natural light they let in. No matter the room, it’ll be easy to find a sunny spot to sit in while reading a book, watching tv, or taking a nap. Depending on the direction of where the roof is facing, we can install a skylight for maximum exposure.

Skylights look good too, adding another design element to the home. We’ll match the interior and exterior of the skylight to the existing roof and ceiling. When we’re finished, the skylight will look like it’s always been a part of your home.

In addition to the visual benefits, skylights can also help with energy usage. As more natural light fills the room, you won’t need to turn on the lights as much. With proper venting, skylights will also remove naturally rising warm air from the room, cooling the room without the need of a fan. Skylights and solar tubes also come in a wide variety of sizes – that means there is an option for any price point.

Skylight Installation

Almost any home can benefit from the addition of a skylight – Warner Roofing has installed skylights on a wide variety of roof designs and styles.  This is important because an improperly installed skylight or solar tube can cause big problems down the road.

The first thing to consider when adding a skylight is the makeup of the attic. Depending on where the skylight will be placed, there could be a considerable amount of room between the roof and the interior of the home. Additional framing and finishing work (such as drywall, texturing, and paint) will be required when finishing out the gap.

Solar tubes are popular choices for many because all of that finish work is taken care of inside the tube. There is no trim work on the inside of the home since that is included with the solar tube itself.

What if there isn’t an attic? If you have a vaulted room, installation becomes that much harder because there’s no access. However, the same amount of care is needed around the flashing, seals, and skylight itself.

Improperly installed skylights or solar tubes can lead to damage in the attic, interior walls, and the ceiling as water slowly leaks in. Unfortunately, many of these issues aren’t spotted until the damage has already been done. Money saved installing a skylight yourself will soon be spent on repairing/replacing insulation, drywall, and framing. And then some!

Skylight Repair

Unfortunately, skylight seals don’t last forever. When they wear out or become damaged during a storm, both the skylight and the flashing should be replaced. If a faulty seal is ignored, leaks could lead to mold or rot and costly repairs to your drywall and the structure of your home.

You can avoid all these problems with the help from Warner Roofing & Construction. We specialize in pinpointing these leaks, and with routine inspections, we can help you maintain your skylight and your roof.

When you’re in need of a reliable skylight assessment, one of our specialists will give you the straightforward answer you deserve.

Proper installation is the key to successful skylights. In most cases, leaks are the result of poorly handled materials or inadequate installation. Our team of highly trained installers uses only the highest quality, durable, and energy-efficient materials available on the market today. We’ll install new flashing before reinstalling the skylight and take care to prevent condensation between panels during replacement.

If your skylight is in need of repairs, we’re happy to offer a free consultation. However, repairing an older skylight is not the proper solution, and we may suggest a replacement as the best long-term solution.

Skylight Replacement

In some cases, the skylight itself may need to be removed entirely. Perhaps a tree limb came crashing through or a poorly-installed seal allowed water into the skylight casing, causing rot. Depending on the age of the skylight or solar tube, we might be able to replace it with the exact same model.

If not, we’ll help you find a replacement that best suits your needs. With improvements constantly being made to design and functionality, you may want to replace the skylight before you need to. Warner Roofing will remove the old material with the same care and attention used during repair and installations.

Whether you’re considering a new skylight, worried that your existing skylight may be damaged, or considering a complete replacement, contact Warner Roofing & Construction. During our initial consultation, we’ll make recommendations no matter your situation. We’ve been working in the Clark County area since 1992 and will find the perfect skylight solution for you and your home.