Skylights are designed to let beautiful natural daylight into your home. However, if installed improperly, what’s essentially a window in your roof can let in a whole lot more. At Warner Roofing & Construction, we understand the appeal of skylights and we want you to enjoy the warmth and beauty they can provide without the headaches.

skylight-repair-vancouver-waSkylight seals don’t last forever. When they wear out, both the skylight and the flashing should be replaced. If a faulty seal is ignored, leaks could lead to mold or rot and costly repairs to your drywall and the structure of your home. You can avoid all these problems with the help from Warner Roofing & Construction. We specialize in pinpointing these leaks, and with routine inspections we can help you maintain your skylight and your roof.

When you’re in need of a reliable skylight assessment, one of our specialists will give you the straightforward answer you deserve.

Proper installation is the key to successful skylights. In most cases, leaks are the result of worn or defective materials or inadequate installation. Our team of highly trained installers uses only the highest quality, durable and energy-efficient materials available on the market today. We’ll install new flashing before replacing the skylight if needed.

If your skylight is in need of repairs, we’re happy to offer a free consultation. However, repairing an older skylight is not always the proper solution, and we may suggest a replacement as the best long-term solution.

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