IKO Roofing Products

Beautiful house with IKO roofing productsFor nearly 70 years, IKO roofing has been manufacturing high-quality roofing products for residential, commercial, and other applications. They are one of the global leaders in the industry, and we’re proud to offer IKO shingles to our customers.

What makes IKO such a preferred brand is the number of options they provide for residential roofing shingles. IKO has four distinct collections of roofing: traditional, performance, architectural, and designer. As experienced roofing contractors, Warner Roofing and Construction help customers choose the right products for their home and their pocketbook.

IKO Pro 4 Roofing System

When it’s time to replace your roof, there’s much more to think about than just the shingles or other roofing material. IKO Roofing revolutionized the industry with its Pro 4 Roofing system. By incorporating all levels of a roofing system, IKO developed a superior multi-layer process to better protect your home.

IKO Pro 4 Roofing accessories are designed to protect all parts of the roofing systems, including overhangs and eaves. These areas are often the starting point for issues because they’re located at the edges of the roof and more susceptible to the elements.

This system protects the decking and fascia boards where they meet. By preventing water from getting underneath the shingles (either via ice dams or windblown rain), you prevent damage from starting in the first place. Fascia boards (and the joists that hold them) are often in most need of replacement over time.

IKO GoldSeam™ roofing tape provides an extra layer of protection where the fascia boards and eaves meet as well as the seams of plywood or OSB boards that make up the roof decking. IKO also recommends ice and water protection for the roof deck, rakes, hips, vents, and other areas where the roofing is interrupted. GoldShield™, ArmourGard™, and StormShield® have different levels of protection.

Synthetic Underlayments
The roof beneath the roof so to speak, IKO synthetic underlayments are used between the decking and the shingles of the roof. This will keep any water that does make it under the shingles from soaking into the decking. It also prevents asphalt shingles from adhering to the decking on those triple-digit heat days.

RoofGard-Cool Grey™ and Stormtite™ synthetic underlayments are used in the Pro 4 system, each offering solutions at different price points. RoofGard-Cool Grey™ offers reference lines to keep your shingles lined up as well as a non-skid surface during installation. Stormtite™ is more economical but is stronger than traditional roofing felt. Both choices are non-breathable, so make sure your attic is well ventilated.

Starter Shingles
IKO-designed starter shingles are used before the first row of shingles is installed. With adhesive on both sides, these rolls keep shingles from curling up at the edges of eaves and rakes. Leading Edge Plus™ and EdgeSeal™ starter shingles offer another line of protection in the most vulnerable areas.

Ridge Caps
UtraHP® and Ultra HP® IR ridge cap shingles are designed specifically for high-quality protection at the hips and ridges of the roof. Instead of using altered roof shingles, these products are precut and use tapered headlamps to add the perfect look, dimension, and profile to a roofline.

Other IKO Products

When only the very best will do, the IKO Designer Collection gives the home a classic look while providing superior performance. Mimicking slate tiles or cedar shakes, these shingles are quite durable but are easier to maintain than the real thing.
These shingles were made to handle all the weather the Pacific Northwest can handle. The Performance Collection offers the best value, both in how they look and how they perform. The Dynasty and Nordic options are among the top-performing asphalt shingles on the market. They are designed to stand up to heavy winds, even when the gusts reach up to 130 miles per hour!
Among the most popular styles IKO offers, the Architectural Collection gives homeowners a wide variety of colors to choose from. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality, either, as they provide years of protection to your home. The Cambridge shingles are favorites of high-end homes that demand a clean, crisp look to finish out the overall aesthetic.
The most cost-effective IKO product, the Marathon line of 3-tab shingles offers great curb appeal and the durability of other IKO roofing products. Because of their affordability, this is a popular choice for gazebos, pool sheds, and other outbuildings as well as residential homes.

Choosing the Right Color

What makes IKO shingles even more versatile is the ability to choose the color of the product. For example, IKO recommends using “Atlantic Blue” for homes with a white, stone, or brick exterior for an adventurous look. The company also carries more traditional colors as well as more custom colors, such as Chalet Wood, Appalachian, and Royal Granite.

No matter which style, design, or color you choose for your home, we’ll give your home the updated look you’ve always wanted. We offer professional installation, courteous customer service, and will clean up after ourselves every day.

We’ve been serving the Great Clark County area, including Vancouver, Camas, and Ridgefield, for nearly 30 years. In addition to installation, we also offer repair and skylight/solar tube installation. Whether it’s a complete tear-off or just a roofing inspection, you’ll get the same great attention. Call us today for your roofing needs.