Custom Roofing in Vancouver, WA

As the largest uninterrupted part of your home, the roof plays an important part in the overall comfort of your home. A well-constructed roof can help with energy bills as well as protect the integrity of the home. But many homeowners take the roof for granted or just feel they have to stick with the roof they have.

Nothing could be further from the truth. At Warner Roofing and Construction, we’ve been helping homeowners design roofing systems to fit their particular needs. As roofing material technology has grown and improved, there are almost no limits to how your roof can look. The most important thing is protecting the home, but after that, the sky’s the limit!

Roof Designs

From Craftsman to Mid-Century and Victorian to Modern, the roof is your home’s first line of defense. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous and improve the curb appeal, too. Whether it’s new construction, as part of a whole home remodel, or just in need of a new roof, Warner Roofing will design a roof that will make your home stand out.

Roofing Styles
For several decades, 3-tab shingles were the most popular form of roofing material. They were inexpensive, provided decades of protection, and were easy to install. But it also meant your rook was going to look like pretty much every other roof in the neighborhood.

Today, asphalt or composite shingles are the standards for roofing materials. But they now come in a wide variety of colors and several styles. But they are far from the only choice when it comes to shingle designs. Architectural shingles, cement tiles, slate, and metal roofing give homeowners innumerable options.

And there’s nothing that says you are limited to one kind of material, either. Custom roofing means just that: it can be designed to fit your exact tastes. A black composition roof with black metal roofing on a wrap-around porch? If that’s the look you want, Warner Roofing and Construction will make it happen.

Other Additions
Perhaps you’re looking for something more than your current roofing profile provides. In addition to all of the different colors and roofing materials we work with, Warner Roofing and Construction also install skylights and solar tubes. Not only do these features lend a certain look of luxury to the roof, but they also bring in more natural light.

That means your roof will not only look fantastic, but you’ll save some money along the way. With UV protection and proper placement, your home will become more energy-efficient. And there isn’t anything quite as inviting as entering a room bathed in natural light.

Work With Experience

No matter how nice a roof looks, it doesn’t mean very much if it was improperly installed. A poorly installed roof today could lead to big problems in less than a year. Water damage to the attic, mold, and mildew growing inside interior walls, or just all-out failure that could collapse a portion of the roof are just a few of the big – and expensive – issues you may have to deal with.

In addition to custom roofing services, Warner Roofing and Construction also provides roofing maintenance, repairs, and re-roofing services. Weather in the Pacific Northwest can really put your roofing system to the test. If problems aren’t addressed, it can lead to issues in the attic, your ceilings, and your walls.

We have been performing residential roofing repair in Clark County since 1992, offering professional customer service as well as an efficient, fast, and safe work ethic. If you notice any missing, broken, or frayed shingles on your roof, give us a call. We’ll investigate the problem and give you a free estimate. We look forward to working with you.

Ready for a new roof? Contact us now to discuss your options, or schedule a free estimate.