solar-tube-vancouver-waLetting in natural light can completely change the interior of your home and help you save money on your energy bills. For this reason, skylights are more popular than ever. But, when you have attic space between a room and your roof, a solar tube may be a more cost effective solution.

Also known as sun tunnels and tubular skylights, solar tubes capture sunlight from the surface of your roof through a small dome. The light is reflected down through a tube that runs through your attic and shines through a diffuser in the ceiling. You can let natural light pour into any room in your home, even rooms that aren’t directly under the roof opening. Channel the light wherever you need it!

Entrust your daylighting projects to Warner Roofing & Construction!

Anytime you put a hole in your roof, whether it’s for a chimney, a vent, or a solar tube, extraordinary care must be taken to seal the penetration properly and keep rainwater from damaging your roof and your home. This should always be left to a professional.  At Warner, every installation is performed with the utmost diligence so that we can ensure a leak-free solar tube.

Thsolar-lighte beauty of solar tubes is that they are relatively easy to maintain. Over the years, the fixtures on the roof and ceiling may need repairs or replacements, but the tube and other components, unless someone damages, are trouble free. You can enjoy a lighter, brighter home without a second thought with the help of Warner Roofing & Construction.

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