Roof Replacement Vancouver WA

For many homeowners, the roof is taken for granted. As the first line of defense, roofing offers protection from Pacific Northwest rain, wind, snow, freezing temperatures, and the sun. If we notice moss or algae, we should get it removed. We need to repair missing or damaged shingles.

Roof Replacement in Vancouver WA beforeRoof Replacement in Vancouver WA after

Unfortunately, damage under the shingles isn’t as easy to spot. Age, unaddressed leaks, and other factors can all lead to a damaged or failing roof. If water is beginning to leak through the ceiling or down the walls, it may be too late for spot repairs.

Even if your roof is in generally good shape, you may still want to replace the roof as part of a whole-home remodel. Along with a new coat of paint, a roof replacement can dramatically change the look of your home. Homeowners can really improve the curb appeal of their home and even increase the resale of the house.

If it is time to replace your roof, Warner Roofing and Construction services include re-roofing or a complete tear-off. There are advantages to each, but also drawbacks. While price is usually the first – and only – deciding point for many, it’s also important to consider the durability of roofing products as well as looks.

Re-Roofing and Roof Replacement Services

If it’s time to replace your old composition shingle roof, you might be considering whether to have new shingles installed right over your existing roof. This is known as a re-roof and can be quite a bit cheaper than replacing the entire roof.

However, a re-roof may not be a viable option. For example, if your roof already has multiple layers, curled shingles creating an uneven surface, or if any rot or mold exists, a re-roof could be a mistake and the result would only be, at best, a temporary boost in curb appeal.

Before any re-roofing project, Warner Roofing and Construction will perform a full roof inspection. If the decking, underlayment, and roofing materials are in relatively good shape, a re-roof is a possibility. Just be aware that when it comes time for a complete tear-off, removing two or three layers of shingles will cost that much more.

If there is any damage to the roof components, we don’t recommend a re-roof. The damage needs to be taken care of, not just covered up with another layer of shingles. It’s also more difficult to find where leaks are happening if more than one layer of roofing is present.

Other issues to be aware of are shorter warranties, overall appearance can be affected, and a build-up of heat between layers can lead to even more damage. Yes, it’s cheaper to re-roof a home, but only for the short term. Multiple layers may also raise red flags for potential home buyers down the road.

Advantages of a Tear-off and Replacement

Aerial picture of a home before roof replacement in Vancouver WAClose up of roof with vents on new roof in Vancouver WAClose up picture of new roofing project in Vancouver WAImage of a new roof with skylight near overlooking Vancouver Lake

The only way to truly have peace of mind in your roof is to start over with a complete tear-off. This allows Warner Roofing and Construction to inspect the structure completely. We will replace any damaged sections and remove all dry rot. Just like your home, a high-quality foundation is important with a roof.

Once the structure is secured, a quality roof needs quality decking. This provides stability for all types of roofing, from 30-year asphalt shingles, 50-year composite slate, or even longer-lasting metal roofing. Once the decking is in place, a layer of underlayment is installed as another level of protection for your home.

Then comes the fun part – deciding which roofing material, design, and color to cover your house with. Warner Roofing and Construction uses only the highest-quality roofing materials on the market, including products from CertainTeed and IKO. We’ll also replace flashing around chimneys, roof vents, skylights, and solar tubes.

With Warner Roofing and Construction, you’ll be working with a roofing company with more than 28 years of experience in the industry. We’ve worked with several types of roofing, offer quality work, and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Whether you need a new roof for your home or business, you can expect the same professional service. Find out about our 10-year workmanship warranty on a new roof! Contact us today to discuss your options, or schedule a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!