CertainTeed Roofing Products

Beautiful home with CertainTeed roofing productsStarted over a century ago, CertainTeed has been an industry leader in roofing product advancement and technology. The company makes roofing products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. At Warner Roofing, we believe in only working with the best, so we’re proud to offer CertainTeed roofing products.

The CertainTeed Landmark shingle brand is synonymous with rugged durability and beautiful appearance. Produced in a variety of styles and colors, CertainTeed shingles are a dependable product made to protect your home while also improving the curb appeal of any home.

With a larger nailing area, these shingles are designed for easier installation and long-lasting results. Heavier than average 3-tab shingle, Landmark laminate shingles also hold up better to the elements than similar in-class products. It’s just one of the ways CertainTeed offers superior protection for the biggest investment most of us will ever make.

In addition, these shingles also feature granules that repel algae to keep the roof from streaking. After all, if you’re having a new roof installed, you’ll want it to look the same 10-years later as it did the day you put it in.

Other Products from CertainTeed

CertainTeed produces other building materials as well, including decking, railing, fencing, siding, and a host of other products. With manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada – and more than 6,300 employees, CertainTeed is an innovative leader in the North American market.

CertainTeed is just one of the many high-quality roofing system brands Warner Roofing and Construction works with. When you use us to re-roof, re-install, or add a roof to your new build, you can be confident you’re getting a great product installed by professionals.

We also offer repairs, service, and maintenance to your roof, regardless of the brand. This could mean replacing a few damaged shingles or replacing damaged decking and underlayment. We also provide roof inspections to make sure your roof is still in good condition. Call us today.