Roofing crew employees vs. subcontractors – is there a difference?

Roofing crew employees vs. subcontractors

Hiring a company to replace your roof is a big decision, and it’s important to know who will be doing the work. There is a big difference working with a company that has an in-house roofing crew as opposed to a business that farms out the work to subcontractors.

For starters, you’ll always know who you’re working with when you hire a self-contained outfit. The sales team, account managers, and the roofers themselves all work together toward a common goal. Have a question? You’ll always know who to ask. That may not be the case if you’re working with two or three different companies.

Additionally, hiring subcontractors does not always allow for the same level of quality, training or attention to detail that having a roofing crew does.

Having a crew of in-house roofing employees provides several primary benefits.

1. We can control the quality of workmanship.

When companies use subcontractors for roofing jobs, it means they won’t be able to control the quality of work that happens at each site. Allowing someone else to complete the work that the company originally said they would do means key instructions, recommendations, or requests may be miscommunicated.

It could be as simple as using the wrong nails, applying tar paper incorrectly, or simply not having the training or experience needed to properly install the roof. Every roofing job we do is important to us, that’s why maintaining control over our quality of work is critical to our business operations.

2. We invest in our crew.

Our roofing crews are trained to meet industry standards, and they work hard to provide superior customer service to each person. Our crews represent Warner Roofing, whereas subcontractors hold no such allegiances. We believe the best way to serve each client is by investing in the knowledge and training of each roofing crew member.

3. We can build relationships with clients.

Finding the right company to work around your home is a personal decision. That’s why it is important for us to build trust with each homeowner we work with, so they feel respected and comfortable as we work on their roof.

Because you work with Warner Roofing from the first consultation until the final shingles are placed, you’ll enjoy a consistent communication. That just isn’t possible when working with a sales or marketing company and then a completely different roofing outfit.

4. We can ensure that crews are licensed and insured.

Subcontractors may or may not be licensed and insured, and that means there is an added risk for you as the homeowner if something happens. You can be assured that our roofing crew at Warner Roofing is up to date on all licenses and that they are bonded and fully insured.

We’re happy to answer any questions surrounding this, too. With a subcontractor, you may not know who to turn to. Whom do you reach out to if there is a missed deadline or shoddy work? Your initial contact or the subcontractor? It’s not always easy to know.

Our team at Warner Roofing is committed to quality, attention to detail, personal and team member safety, and site clean-up. Contact us today for information on getting a new roof installed on your home. We are standing by to help get your project started!

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