Is it okay to install a roof in the rainy season?

The Pacific Northwest is no stranger to rain — and lots of it. Sometimes our rainy season lasts not only for days but for months on end. You may be wondering if it’s even possible to install a roof when conditions aren’t so favorable.

While a dry day will always be preferred, it takes more than a little bit of the wet stuff to keep us from installing a roof. After all, if we waited for perfect weather to perform roof repairs or installations, we’d be waiting half of the year!

Certainly, a leaky roof during a February storm is cause for concern. If damaged shingles or underlayment are allowing rain to seep into the attic or walls, it could cause mold, mildew, and other damage. But if you don’t address the issues as soon as possible, the damage will continue to grow.

One of the first things we do during inclement weather is to make sure extra safety-precautions are taken at the job site. With more than 27 years of experience working in the Pacific Northwest, we know the dangers of working in wet weather and take steps to ensure the safety of our crew as well as your roof.

During the tear off, we install underlayment as the first layer of protection for your roof. This will keep the roof sheathing material underneath nice and dry while the installation takes place. Once underlayment is in place, roofing installation can continue as planned.

One thing to consider during a winter installation is the amount of time it takes shingles to seal in place. This process does take a little longer when the temperatures are cooler but doesn’t affect the overall performance of the materials.

Installations take a little longer for that reason, but that can also work to your advantage. Taking the extended deadlines into consideration, winter discounts are put in place to offer customers a little relief during the installation process. Of course, there may be times when installation just isn’t feasible. But we make sure to secure your roof for the time being to keep your home nice and dry.

No matter if it’s foggy or freezing, dewy or drizzly, Warner Roofing & Construction has you covered. We have been roofing in the Portland area since 1992 and are quite experienced with working in all kinds of conditions. Our team at Warner Roofing is standing by to answer your questions on roof repairs or replacements. Contact us today for more information!

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