If it’s time to replace your old composition shingle roof, you might be considering whether to have new shingles installed right over your existing roof, which we call a “re-roof,” or tear off the original shingles and start fresh. A re-roof is one way to reduce your short term costs, but it’s not always the best investment.

Sometimes a re-roof may not be a viable option. For example, if your roof already has multiple layers, curled shingles creating an uneven surface, or if any rot or mold exists, a re-roof could be a mistake and the result would only be, at best, a temporary boost in curb appeal.

At Warner Roofing & Construction, we always perform a detailed inspection to get a good idea of your roof’s quality and the extent of decay. If your existing roof is free of issues then a re-cover may save you money in the short term. But, there are still some downsides to consider.

Disadvantages of layering roof shingles:

  • When the time comes to completely replace your roof it will cost more to remove additional layers.
  • There is no opportunity to have your roofing deck checked for possible damage that cannot be seen from inside the house.
  • Multiple layers of shingles make leaks more difficult to track.
  • When layers of shingles deteriorate underneath new ones, it can affect the appearance of the new roof.
  • Heat that builds up within the layer(s) of shingles underneath can shorten the life of the new shingles.
  • The resale value of your home may be negatively impacted if there are multiple roof layers
  • Five-year labor warranty on the second layer of re-roof

Advantages of a Tear-off and Replacement

As experienced roofing contractors, we consider it our responsibility to help you find the best solution for your roof and your budget. Starting fresh with a new roof means:

  • The understructure of your roof will be thoroughly inspected and damaged or dry rot sections will be replaced.
  • In high-risk areas like skylights and chimneys, ice, water and new flashing assemblies will be installed.
  • A full roof replacement will outlast a second layer re-roof by several years
  • You’ll enjoy a greater resale value if/when you sell your home

No matter what, you can count on Warner Roofing & Construction for exceptional results. Find out about our 10-year workmanship warranty on a new roof!

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