Why Consider Adding Skylights?

Does your kitchen feel drab and cramped during the short, dark days of winter? Is poor lighting making your child’s playroom upstairs feel more like it’s tucked away in a gloomy basement?

Cheer up these areas with skylights. These windows on the roof bring natural sunlight into the living areas of your home, creating a feeling of warmth, well-being, and brightness.

The 5 Big Benefits of Skylights

Skylights let you leverage the advantages of natural sunlight. Here is a closer look at how this benefits you and your family.

  • Balanced light: Skylights flood your home with natural sunlight. They bring balance to the light in any room and reduce harsh glare. They make your living space more open and inviting.
  • Health and mood: Sunlight triggers the cues your brain and eyes need to manage your circadian rhythms, which helps keep you healthy, happy, and productive.
  • Save energy and money: You use less energy for artificial light when you rely more on natural light. This is good for the environment. It also means your utility bills are lower.
  • Better ventilation: Skylights draw warm air up to vent through the skylight. This cools a room and brings in fresh air.
  • More privacy: Skylights make it possible to bring more light into a bathroom, or any room, without sacrificing privacy.

Will a Skylight Work in Your Home?

Most homes can benefit from installing a skylight. As long as there is direct access between the roof and the living space you want to light, a skylight should work.

Beautiful skylight lets plenty of natural light into kitchen

That leaves out homes with an attic between the roof and the room. These houses can use solar tubes to draw in natural daylight.

Professional installation is paramount if you want to avoid future roof problems. Adding a skylight means cutting a hole in your roof. That’s why the work needs to be done by
experienced craftspeople who understand the importance of adequate insulation and precise fitting.

Work with Professionals

The team at Warner Roofing has years of experience with all types of roofing-related work. They are professionals who have earned a reputation over the years for quality craftsmanship, superior materials, and excellent customer service. All installers are thoroughly trained and the work is guaranteed.

Warner Roofing also handles skylight repairs. Known for their attention to detail, the team at Warner installs new flashing before replacing a skylight. They know what to look for to prevent leaks occurring between the panels during the repair and replacement. They use energy efficient materials that are high quality, strong, and long lasting.

Interested in a new skylight? Does your current one need repair? Call the experts at Warner Roofing today for a free estimate.



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