Keep Pests Out of Your Attic and Off Your Roof, For Good!

Have you had trouble keeping pests from nesting in your attic or on your roof? The last thing you want to see when you head up to the upper portion of your home are remnants of squirrels, chipmunks, mice, or rats. They’ve invaded your space and now it’s time to keep them away for good. It can be a time-consuming job, so if you’re tired of repeatedly finding pests in the attic or roof, here is some helpful advice on how to keep the critters gone.

Photo of a squirrel on a roof top


Tip #1: Keep Outside Cracks and Spaces Closed Up at All Times.
In order to keep pests out, you’ll need to first pinpoint where they’re entering. There is usually a certain spot and sometimes it can be hard to locate. Look around your roof carefully, where there may be small holes or other damaged spots that a small creature could get in. Look for chew spots or any claw markings around the roof or attic to see if they are trying to claw or chew their way in. Cracks, vents, and other crevices in windows, ceilings, and doors are also an entry point for small animals, so if you see those, be sure to close them up right away.

Tip #2: Keep Excess Trash Contained.
Pests are known for digging through trash, weeds, and other litter, looking for goodies. So, be sure that your deck, yard, and outside garbage cans are kept clean and closed tightly. If there is debris, pick it up so pests aren’t tempted to dig through it and find a way into your home.

Tip #3: Limit Food Access.
Keeping extra dog or cat food in your laundry room, mudroom, garage, or basement can entice pests. They’re looking for an easy dinner and food is one of the main ways that pests invade your space. If you do store food here, keep everything in a tightly-sealed container and don’t let food sit out overnight.

Tip #4: Trim the trees.
Do you have a big tree or shrub hanging near your attic or roof? Keep the branches trimmed back so there isn’t a way for an animal to climb up there and use it as a bridge to get into your home.

 Tired of fixing the problems of your latest pest infestation? Try some of these tips and prevent them from coming back.  

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