How Loud Is Roof Replacement?

Roof installs are loud

Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements. When it reaches the end of its lifespan or is starting to show the signs of dealing with true four-season weather, you’ll want to start thinking about a replacement. Or maybe you want to replace your roof as part of a whole-home remodel.

No matter the reason, the roof replacement process is big, although it’s a relatively quick job. One thing it isn’t, however, is quiet. There are workers walking on the roof, ripping off the old roofing materials, and hammering in the new roofing. Chances are you’ll be able to hear every footstep and driven nail.

There’s no way around it: a roof install is loud. Both for those living in the home and your neighbors. But at least they can go inside to help mitigate the sound. In your home, the loud noises only seem to get louder!

If you have a two-story house or a basement, you’ll find the noise isn’t quite as bad if you can put some space between you and the action. But you’ll never be able to make it completely quiet when the roofing contractor gets started.

Most roof replacements take two days to complete, both with the tear-off and installation of the new material. You can probably stay in your home during the removal of the existing roof materials, but you’ll still hear the footsteps from above. The loudest part of the process happens when the nailing begins.

If you work from home or otherwise stay home with small children or pets, you might be wondering how long you’ll be able to deal with the noise during the big day. You can muffle the noise even further with earplugs or by listening to music with noise-canceling headphones.

As a roofing company with nearly three decades of experience, we can tell you that trying to block out all the noise is nearly impossible. But it doesn’t mean you have to stay in your home while the roof replacement is underway.

If you work from home and only need reliable internet service, consider taking the laptop to the library. If you have client meetings in your home, it’s probably best to reschedule those, too. Or even consider taking the day off completely. Take the kids and the dog to a park, the beach, or wherever you’d like to spend the day.

Staying Home?

If you choose to stay home during a tear-off, make sure you stay in communication with the lead member of the crew. If you need to leave the home for any reason, you’ll want to make sure there won’t be any falling debris or equipment that could make for an unsafe situation.

You’ll also want to consider moving your car out of the garage or driveway and park it a few doors down if you’ll need to be leaving at any point. Moving cars or other obstacles out of the driveway is a good idea anyway because it allows roofers better access to the roof. This makes it much easier for cleanup and delivery of roofing materials.

Work With Roofing Professionals

Since 1992, Warner Roofing and Construction has been performing roof tear-offs and replacements throughout Clark County. When it comes time to replace your roof, we’ll work with you to schedule a time that causes as little disruption as possible. We work efficiently and safely so you can get back to enjoying your home as soon as possible.

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