How to hang Christmas lights on roof ridge

Christmas lights on your roof ridge

With Halloween in the rear-view mirror and Thanksgiving fast approaching, we can now start expecting all of the Christmas advertisements that seem to start a little earlier each year. Still, even though there are still a few leaves clinging to their trees, now might be a good time to start planning Christmas decorations for your house. Before you know it, the colder and wetter month of December will be upon us.

No one wants to be stuck outside, untangling lights or getting the ladder out of the garage when the temperature gauge starts hovering around 32 degrees. Or maybe you’re one of those “efficient” types of people that just leave the lights up all year round. If that’s the case, feel free to turn on a college or professional football game – your work is done.

Safety First

Nothing will ruin the holiday season faster than falling off a ladder from 10 or 15 feet above. As the rains roll in, the ground around your home may be a little softer. When setting up your ladder, make sure you find some solid ground for the footing. Once the ladder is in place, step on the first rung and test it out. 

A little give should be expected, but if the ladder leans drastically to one side, find a new spot. Even the slightest shift in weight on top of an uneven ladder could cause a fall. And don’t neglect where the top of the ladder will be placed. You’ll want to make sure it’s easy to come back down after spending time on the roof.

The Roof Pitch

Adding a string of lights along the roof ridge – where two sides of the roof come together to form a peak – will add an extra bit of holiday flair. Unlike the eaves of the house, you will actually need to get on the roof to hang them. A pair of gloves and non-slip shoes are a must, especially if the roof is wet.

But first things first: is it a good decision to begin with? No matter what type of roof you have, if it is very steep, it’s not a wise decision to get up there without fall prevention gear in the best conditions. Adding some rain or wind to the equation makes it all the more dangerous. You might want to consider hiring professional Christmas light installers for the job.

Attaching Christmas Lights to The Roof Ridge

Prepping for Christmas lights along the eaves or other edges of the roof is relatively easy because you don’t have to worry about attaching anything to the roofing material. There are clips for gutters as well as hooks that can be placed along the fascia board. When it comes to the roof peak, there are no such luxuries. 

Luckily, there are products on the market that allow you to install lights along the roof ridge that leave the ridge cap (shingles or other materials that go over the top of the ridge) relatively unscathed. Called roof ridge clips, this equipment goes right over the ridge, catching the bottom of the ridge cap and staying in place.

This way you won’t be nailing or stapling into any part of the roof. The light string then clips into the top. We recommend putting the ridge clips in place first and then putting the lights in place. It will take longer, but you won’t have to juggle the lights and the clips at the same time. It’s safer, too.

On a final note, and this goes for wherever you plan on hanging lights, make sure the lights work before getting on the roof. Nothing is as frustrating as getting everything in place only to find out half the lights don’t work. Getting on the roof once is a pain, doing it three or four times is downright annoying!

Roof Problems? Call The Experts

While you’re on the roof, are you noticing some damaged shingles, flashing, or other issues? Call Warner Roofing and Construction. Since 1993, we’ve been repairing, maintaining, and replacing roofs as well as gutter systems, skylights, and solar tubes. We offer free estimates and fast, efficient, professional work.

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