How to Spot a Shady Roofing Contractor

Fingers CrossedWhile DIY projects are on the rise, homeowners still understand the value of leaving some of the more complex jobs to the professionals. Unfortunately, not all contractors have their customers’ best interests at heart and won’t hesitate to scam them out of their money. If your roof needs some work, learn how to spot a shady contractor to save yourself a massive financial headache.

Contractors Who Travel Door-to-Door

Any contractor who comes to your door to solicit business is most likely not very reputable. The reason for this is that just like any genuine business owner, they should be too busy taking care of customers to have time to travel door-to-door or solicit their services as if they are selling Girl Scout cookies.

Contractors Who Ask for Cash as Payment

Just like cash is easy for you to spend, it’s also easy for disreputable contractors to use without worrying about their financial activities being traced. Only trust roofing contractors who accept checks and credit cards, no matter how great of a job they might claim to do on your roof.

Contractors Who Resort to High-Pressure Sales

While there’s nothing wrong with contractors offering discounts and specials on their services, there is something wrong with contractors who resort to scare tactics and high-pressure sales tactics to get you to choose their services or add on to the services you’ve already selected. Any contractor who won’t take no for an answer is a contractor who shouldn’t be working on your roof or taking your money.

Contractors Who Have Extra Materials at a Cheap Price

If a contractor comes to your door unannounced and tells you he or she has completed a job in your neighborhood and has extra materials left over that can be used on your roof for a low price, don’t hesitate to close the door. Contractors base their prices on the services a customer wants, not the type of materials the contractor has available.

Contractors Who Show Up After Inclement Weather

Any contractor who suddenly appears after a particularly bad storm in the area is likely looking to take advantage of your misfortune. While you may get a free inspection, that service might include the contractor damaging your roof so that you pay for repairs you never needed in the first place. If your roof is ever damaged by a storm, it’s best that you have it examined by your insurance company before a roofing contractor does any work or performs an inspection.

If you ever do find yourself in need of a reputable roofing contractor, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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