How to Repair a Skylight Leak

How to fix a skylight

A skylight is a beautiful thing in clear weather. Natural light streams in during the day. A star-show takes center stage at night. But if your skylight leaks, all that goodness takes a backseat to worries about inconvenience and rot.

Warner Roofing will inspect and repair a leaking skylight. Your skylight may only need minor repairs. At times a leak could indicate a larger problem either with the roof or window installation. Contact us for a free consultation.

Finding the Leak

Diagnosing the cause of the leak is the first step in repairing a skylight. Many leaks are caused by improper installation. You can inspect the skylight yourself if you’re comfortable climbing a ladder. Here’s an overview of things that can cause a skylight to leak.

  • Condensation: In some cases moisture is caused by condensation rather than a leak. When water collects on the inside of the window, it may drip. Condensation happens in bathrooms, kitchens, greenhouses or anywhere that’s humid. Using your bathroom or kitchen fan will limit condensation.
  • The window is open: Although this falls into the category of the obvious, double check that the skylight is completely closed before assuming it need a repair.
  • Worn weather stripping or seal: Weather stripping or seals wear out over time. When this happens, your skylight may leak.
  • Pooling on the roof: A skylight may leak if water can’t drain from the roof. This happens when a physical barrier prevents runoff and water pools, seeping under the shingles. Types of barriers include leaves, fir needles and other debris. Snow and ice may also create standing water. When the snow and ice begins to melt, puddles form and can drain through the shingles or flashing.
  • Damaged shingles or flashing: Damage to the roof can cause a skylight to leak. The damage may not be adjacent to the window. A leak near a vent flashing or a missing or broken shingle above the window allows water to penetrate the roof and travel to the skylight. This type of damage can become extensive if it’s not promptly repaired.

Repairing the Skylight

A leak can be repaired in various ways. Installing new weather stripping is a relatively quick fix. However, that may not be enough. If a window has been leaking for some time, there could be water damage such as mold, mildew or rot. Sometimes a leak can’t be repaired and the window must be replaced. New flashing and shingles may also need to be installed.

Warner Roofing can help you with skylights that leak. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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