4 Ways to Make a Roof Last Longer

Most things last longer when they’re cared for. Motors run better with regular oil changes. Carpets resist wear when they’re kept clean. Your home’s roof cBitumen asphalt shingles.an outlive predictions with regular maintenance. If you want to protect your roof and investment, follow these steps. With a relatively small amount of effort, you can keep a home’s roof looking good year in and year out.

Remove Overhanging Branches

Abrasion from wind-propelled branches damages shingles. This type of harm is generally cumulative. Minimize the risk by trimming overhanging tree limbs. If the tree is tall, it’s best to hire a professional to remove the branches. Keep tree limbs trimmed to about 10 feet away from the roof.

Removing overhanging branches does more than minimize abrasion. Since squirrels and other animals leap from trees to the roof, pruning removes the wildlife overpass to your home. Rodents especially can wreak havoc on shingles by clawing, gnawing and nesting.

Clear Gutters

The Northwest’s combination of rain and fir trees can quickly cause problems with gutters. Remove clogs as they happen, and give the gutters a twice yearly complete cleaning. Spring and autumn are good times to tend to gutters.

If you allow clogs to remain, water collects. The roof sheathing, shingles and rafters may all be damaged by water and rot. Allowing wet, organic material to pile up near the roof is a recipe for trouble.

Kill Moss

Moss-covered roofs are common in the Pacific Northwest. Some people like the look of the bright, green fuzzy mounds,but you shouldn’t allow moss to remain on a home. The plant acts like a sponge, holding moisture. Frequent rain keeps the moss saturated for months at a time. Eventually water penetrates the roof.

Small accumulations of moss can be removed with a broom. Larger invasions should be killed. Avoid toxic products that have zinc sulfate. You can kill moss with a soap containing potassium salts. Look for gentle products at any home-improvement store.

Apply the cleaner directly on the moss. Once the moss is gone, you can have zinc strips installed. These will help keep moss growth at bay.

Keep It Clean

Clear debris from the roof. When leaves and other organic debris cover the roof, they eventually begin to decompose. Eventually, you’ll have something close to compost and you may even see weeds sprouting overhead. Don’t let it get to that point! Sweeping or cleaning once or twice a year may be sufficient to keep the roof tidy. A leaf blower works well when leaves are dry. Avoid using a pressure water. You don’t want to force water beneath the shingles.

If your roof or gutters have been damaged, call Warner Roofing for a consultation and estimate.

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