Roofing cost per square foot

Components of a Roofing System

When considering roofing cost per square foot, you’ll need to consider the cost of all roofing materials, not just the shingles cost. Although the type of roofing will play a huge part in the cost, you’ll still need the underlayment and roof decking.

The total roof replacement cost will also be more than a simple repair or even the cost of an overlay or re-roofing. If there are issues with the trusses or attic joists because of a leaky roof, that will add to the cost as well. But we’ll focus on the costs associated with a standard roof replacement.

Roof decking

Roofing decking is usually sheets of plywood you put down on the trusses and nail into place. These sheets are 4 feet by 8 feet and come in different thicknesses. Depending on the building code of your, you may need 1/4 inch thickness or up to ⅜ inch. The thicker the plywood, the more expensive it will be.

If a sheet of decking runs around $20-$60, the material cost of 100 square feet is roughly $60-$180. So if the roof is 1,000 square feet, the decking will cost about $600-$1,800. Remember: This is just the cost of materials and doesn’t include the cost to replace or the cost to install the decking itself.


There are two standard types of underlayment: synthetic and tar or felt paper. Generally speaking, felt is less expensive than synthetic underlayment and is much heavier. This can lead to more expensive labor costs. There are several types of synthetic underlayment and can range in price for a 1,000 square foot roll.

Roofing materials

The single biggest factor when it comes to roofing cost per square foot is the type of roofing you want. A composite or asphalt shingle roof will have a much different price tag than high-quality metal roofing. Flat roofs use entirely different materials, too.

The total cost of the materials depends on the durability of the roofing materials, how much they cost to produce, and how they are installed. Clay tiles are quite labor-intensive, cedar shake shingles need a lot of maintenance, and architectural shingles can be made in several different colors and profiles.

Other Roof Pricing Considerations

Roofing cost per square foot will also come down to the size of your roof. But you’ll also want to consider other aspects of replacing the roof. Is this a starter home, your forever home, or a rental property? Is the curb appeal important and how much time do you want to spend servicing or maintaining your roof?

For a forever home, you’ll be investing in your future. A slate tile roof will be very heavy and could require additional structural work. However, they look fantastic and are made to last for at least 50 years if not longer. A composite slate roof looks just as good, can come with a 50-year warranty, but cost less than the actual slate.

As a first-time homeowner, the price may be a bigger concern however as there could be other pressing needs. Warner Roofing will take the time to understand what you need and design the perfect roofing system for your needs. Composition or asphalt shingles might just make more sense than metal roofing.

Your Local Expert Roofing Contractors

The roof is the most important part of your home when it comes to protecting you from the elements. But no matter how good it looks, if your roof is poorly installed, it will cost you a lot more down the road. We understand cost plays a huge part in your decision, but it shouldn’t be the only part.

Warner Roofing and Construction has been performing installation, replacements, and roof repairs in the Clark County area since 1992. We know what performs best in the four-season weather of the Pacific Northwest, are familiar with all codes and specifications, and our customer service is always friendly and professional.

The roofing cost per square foot depends on a lot of moving parts. When you work with Warner Roofing and Construction, we’ll find the roofing solution that looks great and fits your financial situation. We also offer service plans, install gutter systems, and work with skylight and solar tubes. If you have a question about your roof, Warner Roofing has the answers.

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