3 Common Roofing Repairs for Historic Homes

Older homes have unique character and charm. They draw individuals and families alike because of their one-of-a-kind accents and history. Owning a historic home is also a lot of responsibility. Unfortunately, older homes often require a lot of repairs and the roof is a common place to see issues in older houses. Here are some common roofing repairs that you’ll see in historic homes:

Roof Leak

One of the most frequent issue seen in a historic home is a roof leak. This can be a dreadful thing as a homeowner, because water can get into your home and cause extensive damage in a short amount of time. If you notice a potential leak on the roof of your home, things can change quickly, so you’ll need to have a professional that’s experienced in working on older homes come and take a look at the roof as soon as possible. This person will determine which type of historic material that your roof is made of and replace it with the same material.

Cracks, Curling, or Tears

Another common problem on older homes are cracks, curling, or tears in the shingles or shakes. Regularly inspecting the roof will help you notice things like this that pop up on occasion. If you notice any of this type of damage, it’s important to call a roofing professional to inspect the area right away for a solution. If you wait too long, long term damage can happen, which can be very expensive and sacrifice the integrity of the roof.

Deteriorating Roof

A deteriorating roof on an older home can be seen also if you notice crumbling cement on the roof, bowed or sagging gutters, or continual moisture in the attic. To fix this, you will need to figure out if the areas are confined to a specific spot in the roof, or if the whole structure is damaged. If it is damaged in various areas, it makes more sense to replace the whole roof rather than doing spot repairs all the time. This will keep the overall integrity of your home sound, and keep you warm and dry throughout the autumn and winter months.

If you need to have your roof replaced, be sure that you work with a roofing professional that can reproduce some of the historic details that are part of the home. Our experienced team at Warner Roofing is happy to take a look at your home and the roof to see if it just needs repairs or a full replacement!

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