Two Roofing Jobs You Should Never DIY

For many homeowners, do-it-yourself repairs are very appealing. These types of repairs can save money, but certain household projects should not be tackled without the help of a professional. Roof repairs usually require extensive knowledge of the home’s structure, and if it’s not completed the right way, it could cause significant damage down the road.

Roof Replacement

This should always be a job that is completed by an experienced roofing professional. This job requires strength, balance, dexterity, and the know-how on how to remove old layers of roofing material and how to do it properly. Improper roof replacements can lead to leaking and expensive water damage, not only to the under layer of the roof, but to the inside of your home as well.

Repairing Your Roof

This isn’t recommended as a do-it-yourself project, either. When it’s not completed the right way, you could risk more damage, but it’s also a very dangerous job to do yourself. Getting up and down from the roof and carrying tools to and from can be incredibly dangerous. Thousands of people die every year from falls and this is often from homeowners thinking they can save a bit of money and get up on their roof and do a quick fix themselves. In addition, roofing work has other risks that can be hazardous. Electrical wiring could be bumped and cause injury or death, and depending on the angle and height of the roof, a simple misstep is all it takes to send you over the edge.

If you are in need of a roof replacement or repair now that the cooler autumn weather has started, beware that weather conditions can drastically alter the safety of getting upon your roof. High winds and rains can cause the roof to become very slippery. Because of this, calling an experienced team of roofers for a consultation is a great route to go.

If you need to have the roof replaced or repaired, our experienced team is happy to take a look at your home and roof to see what the scope of the project will be and how much it will cost. Contact us for a fair and honest estimate as to what is needed and how quickly it can be completed. Don’t head into the fall and winter months with a leaky roof. The longer you wait to get it repaired or replaced, the more potential you have for extensive damage to occur.

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