7 Warning Signs that You Need New Gutters

Gutters are your first line of defense against water damage from excess runoff. A clean, sturdy gutter protects every part of your home, from the windows to the foundation.

These workhorses will eventually show signs of wear and tear. It’s hard on even the sturdiest gutter to guide a continuous stream of water away from your house and to serve as a collector of leaves and other debris.

Inspect Your Gutters

A gutter with cracks and holes can’t do its job. That’s why it is important to inspect all your gutters before the start of each season, and also at the end. This is the time to clean out whatever has accumulated in them. A clogged gutter can’t do its job either.

The best time to do your inspection is just after a rainfall. That’s because you can only see evidence of smaller cracks and holes when they are leaking.

Here are 7 warning signs that you want to be on the lookout for:

#1. Cracks

When your gutter is cracked, it doesn’t work properly. Single small cracks can often be repaired. But if you see evidence of numerous cracks, the gutter should be replaced. That’s also the case if the crack is large.

#2. Seams

Gutters are vulnerable at the seams, where two horizontal sections connect. Common problems are leaks forming and the seams separating. Minor seam problems can be repaired. But be aware that the problem will recur, each time getting a little worse. Many homeowners are bypassing seam problems by investing in seamless gutters.

#3. Peeling

This isn’t peeling on your gutters. Instead, inspect for signs of bubbling or peeling on the siding of your home or garage. If you find it, take a look at the closest gutter. It is probably leaking, sending rainwater onto the exterior walls. If the patch is small, you can try repairing the gutter. If the area affected is large, it is more cost-effective to replace the gutters.

#4. Water Marks

If you notice water marks immediately under the gutter, it means the gutter is leaking or overflowing. This needs to be repaired before it harms the soffit or fascia board. If the problem is isolated in one area, you can probably repair the gutter. If it is extensive, think about replacing it.

#5. Sagging

Is your gutter sagging in the middle? Has it pulled away from the house? This means they are too full of water and debris to handle the load. In most cases, it is more cost-effective to replace sagging gutters rather than try to repair them. This problem can indicate that you need a gutter system with a larger capacity. It also can be a sign that it isn’t draining correctly or there is too much debris in it, causing it to clog.

#6. Rot

Do you see signs of rotting wood on exterior trim, window sills, or door jambs? The problem could be water dripping from a leaking gutter. Rotted wood is a serious problem that can lead to damage inside your home. For example, if left unchecked, it can soak through the wall, causing water damage to drywall. Rot is so potentially damaging that your best choice is to replace the gutter.

#7. Mildew and Water Pooling

Has water started to pool around your foundation? Does your formerly dry, clean smelling basement now have the odor of mold and mildew? This happens when cracked gutters start to leak, allowing moisture to accumulate around the foundation. Mold and mildew can ruin furnishings, walls, and floors, causing health problems. The way to fix this problem is to invest in new gutters.


Work with Experts

With years of roofing experience, the team at Warner has firsthand knowledge of the importance of functioning gutters. In their work, they constantly see the serious, expensive damage that leaky, worn out gutters cause to a home.

The professionals at Warner are experts in modern gutter installation. They can help you choose the best gutter system, with the right look and the best capacity, for your home. The gutters they install complement the look of your home, last for years, and are easy to maintain.

Keep your home safe! Call Warner Roofing today for a free quote on gutter installation for your home.

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