Warner Roofing: Why Re-roof Over Asphalt Shingles?

Is it time to update your roof? Replacing a roof is a major job and big investment. Before you embark on this home improvement, you’ll need to do some research. Homeowners have several options for a new roof. Weigh your choices before you make a decision.

If you are replacing asphalt shingles, you might assume that you need to strip the roof. But, did you know you can re-roof by adding a layer of asphalt shingles on top of an existing roof?

Unless there is significant damage to the roof or the building’s structure can not support additional weight, it’s OK to add new shingles on top of old ones.

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Why Re-Roof Over Asphalt Shingles?

In most areas around Vancouver, WA, the building code allows for two layers of organic or fiberglass asphalt shingles for roofs that have a 4/12 or less pitch. Check with one of our professionals is you’re not sure about the building code in your area. For a typical 2,000 square-foot home, layering shingles instead of replacing them will save about $1,000.

The savings add up because you don’t need to buy felt paper to line the roof. You won’t have to dispose of the old shingles or rent a dumpster to collect the construction refuse.

Layering shingles is safer than stripping the roof. Removing shingles from a roof poses a hazard from falling debris. Nails and other materials can litter the yard, driveway and landscaping.

Your property or your neighbor’s property can sustain damage when the shingles start to fly. Also, if the weather turns ugly during the job, your bare sheathing may be exposed to rain or other inclement weather.

Manufacturers will honor a warranty, whether it’s a re-roofing job or a brand new roof. When properly applied, a second layer of shingles blocks wind and water from reaching the first layer.

Affordable Style for Your Roof

Asphalt shingles are a good buy. And, because they’re easy to install, a professional roofer can quickly install a new layer. These shingles are available in a range of styles. You can choose from laminated, premium or three-tab version. Replacing your roof with quality asphalt shingles will keep your home protected from the elements throughout the year.

Warner Roofing: Quality Work Since 1992

We’re a Vancouver roofing company with a reputation for service and quality construction. Contact us today for an estimate. We’ll help you get a roof that’s right for your home and budget.

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