Should I Repair or Replace My Damaged Roof?

Should I Repair or Replace My Damaged Roof?

Do you need a simple roof repair or is it time to do a full roof replacement? Your home’s roof is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the house structure and keeps you sheltered from the various weather patterns that happen throughout the year. If your roof needs some attention, you’ll likely begin noticing some warning signs. Here are some common signs that your roof needs replacement or repair:photo-1474399826575-df32ca9a0cf5

You can see water damage inside your home.

If you see brown discoloration in any part of the inside of your home, you likely have a problem with your roof. This usually means there is a roof leak in a specific area. It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the exact spot where the leak is, because water can travel along roof panels or on the lumber in the attic. It then drips down to the ceiling, and over time, this can cause the marks of discoloration.

There are cracked shingles.

Shingles aren’t built with lifetime warranties, so after a while, they will begin breaking down, especially after continuous rain, snow, ice, or wind. During weather like this, shingle granules can come off and will be swept away. Once those granules are gone, the shingles will easily become brittle, crack, or fall off. Cracked or missing shingles will allow water to seep into the underlayer of your roof, and over time, this could cause structural damage.

You see leaks more often when the temperature changes.

Weather temperatures fluctuate from month to month. If you see an increase in roof leaks when the temperature begins to change, this may mean that your roof is past its prime and that you should consider a replacement.

Your roof is old.

If your roof is more than 20 years old, it’s likely time to think about a replacement. This also depends on whether there are other layers of shingles underneath, and if the venting was installed correctly. If there have been multiple layers of shingles on the roof over the years and it’s been at least two decades since it has been replaced, a full tear off and replacement is likely the best way to go.

A top quality roof will keep your house protected and comfortable all year long. It is an investment that should be completed by a team of reputable roofing professionals, so give Warner Roofing a call today to talk about what your options are within your designated budget!

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