How Do Solar Tubes Work?

Solar tube Smart LEDSkylights are a good way to bring natural light into your home, but the cost of installation can be prohibitive for many people, and some smaller spaces and rooms may not have the roof area to install a skylight, which is where solar tubes become an excellent alternative option.

Solar tubes are an inexpensive, convenient way to bring natural light into your home. They are bright, practical, and energy-efficient. They provide as much light, and occasionally more than a lightbulb, and because it’s sunlight, light from solar tubes is a softer, more comfortable natural light.

What are solar tubes?

Also known as light tubes, sun tunnels, daylight pipes, sun scopes and tubular skylights, they basically do what skylights do, but in a different form. Think of them as periscopes from your room to your roof. Solar tubes are pipes – often about 10 to 22 inches in diameter – that run through the ceiling of your home, bringing light from the roof to your room.

At the top end a clear, weather-proof plastic dome allows sunlight to enter. Most commonly, the pipe has a polished interior or is lined with reflective material that amplifies the light as it passes through.

At the bottom of the solar tube, the place where the sun tunnel opens into your home, a diffuser spreads out the light, allowing it to disperse and fill the room with a surprisingly strong, bright glow. In fact, due to their clever design, they provide more light than even a much larger skylight.

What are the benefits of having solar tubes?

A 10-inch tube will provide about what you get from three 100-watt bulbs, and can easily illuminate a 200-square-foot area. A 14-inch tube will work more than adequately for a 300-square-foot space.

Cost-effective in not only installation, the bright light from solar tubes means no more daylight light bulb usage, saving you money on your power bill.

When you live in Oregon or Southwest Washington, it’s critical to take advantage of all of the sunlight we get, especially in the winter months. A solar tube is an easy way to soak up all of that vitamin D without ever leaving your house.

Solar tubes are so convenient and bright, you may find yourself reaching for the light switch as you leave the room, only to remember that it’s your solar tube lighting your room, not a light bulb.

Easy installation brings light to every room

Solar tubes take about four hours to install, that’s it. Installation of a solar tube doesn’t require any painting, drywalling or changes to the structure of your home, which makes it much more convenient and much less expensive to install than skylights.

Now, those once-dark rooms where it’s sometimes difficult to get natural light in like the laundry room, hallways, closets, and bathrooms don’t have to be so dreary anymore. You can bring daylight where it didn’t exist before.

Solar tube installation in Southwest Washington

For a reliable, experienced solar tube installation company, contact Warner Roofing. We have years of experience bringing natural, bright light into your home through skylight alternatives like solar tubes. Let us show you just how sunny your life can be with solar tubes from Warner Roofing & Construction.

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