How to Choose a Roof Color

Are you getting ready to replace the roof on your home? Changing up the color could give your home a nice facelift, making it look newer and refreshed. Here are some things to keep in mind while choosing a roof color.

#1: Keep the home’s overall exterior in mind.
You should always make sure that the color of your roof enhances your home’s exterior shutters or siding color. Something that clashes could hinder its curb appeal, rather than enhance it. A roof is a big investment and it’s important to make sure the color is something that blends well and makes your home feel even more like home.

The style of your home may also dictate the styles and colors of the roofing materials. Craftsman, Victorian, and mid-century modern homes all have different feels and need different materials to really pop. However, there are a large variety of colored roofing shingles as well as materials, including cedar shake, slate, and even metal roofing with different profiles.

#2: Remember contrasting.
All the colors of your home need to work together to make it look great. So, keep in mind that the roof should be different enough to contrast the rest of the house color. For example, it’s not ideal to have a brown house with brown shingles. Instead, brown siding would work well with black, lighter brown, or green.

If your home is white, consider a brown, black, charcoal gray, or blue roof color combination. Ensuring the colors complement your home is important. Remember that dark colors usually attract more heat and generally stand out a little more than lighter colors. A red brick home will present different options or you may even want to play off the color of the front door.

#3: Don’t forget the light.
Your shingle colors may look slightly different at different parts of the day. So, before you decide on your roof color, make sure you take your samples out in the morning, afternoon, and evening to make sure you consistently like what you see.

Work With Experienced Roofing Contractors

Already love your roof color? No problem. Ask our team at Warner Roofing to find the same or similar shingle sample color for your replacement. We want to make sure you have an aesthetically pleasing roof that’s durable and will last you for many years to come.

Contact our team today to learn more about your roof color options or to get a quote for your roof replacement. In addition to tear-offs and installation of an existing roof, we also work with new homes, offer gutter installation, and can add skylights and solar tubes for more natural light and an extra point of interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

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