Shed Roof Repair

Do you have a shed on your property that you use for extra storage? For your lawnmower, gardening supplies, or other items that just won’t fit in the house? You want to make sure your stuff, and the structure itself, is safe from water damage and that’s where the roof comes in.

No matter if it’s standard composition shingles, cedar shake shingles, or metal roofing, any leak could cause damage to your belongings and the shed itself. Even though garden sheds are much smaller than your home you’ll still want to make sure the roofing is done right.

That includes the occasional inspection. Whether it’s on the newer side or over 20 years old, chances are, you will need to do some repairs on it at some point. It could be a broken shingle, a missing panel after a storm, or any number of issues. But if you notice any damage to your shed roof, it’s a good idea to act fast.

Inspect the roof damage

Unless you’re there to see it leaking, it can be difficult to pinpoint where the water may be leaking in. Missing or damaged shingles are an obvious sign, but some repair jobs need more investigation. In most cases, the underside of the shed roof is exposed so you can see the rafters and decking.

Water-damaged rafters are easy to spot because of the water staining or discoloration. If you want to know the extent of damage, grab a screwdriver and poke the wood. If it’s still pretty solid, that’s a good sign. But if it’s soft or brittle, you know the damage has been building for some time.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to replace a rafter without too much difficulty. Brace the roof with a long 2×4 near the damaged rafter. After you remove the damaged portion of the rafter, and if the wood is in good shape at both ends, you can attach another rafter right next to it with heavy-duty screws.

It’s a relatively easy DIY project, although we recommend having an extra set of hands to help. But if more than one or two rafters need replacement, you might want to consider a roof replacement. It’s a much cheaper option than just replacing the whole shed.

Although tearing off the roof is one of the bigger home improvement tasks, replacing the shed roof is quite a bit easier. If you’re handy enough and have help, you may even be able to do it over a weekend. Here are some pointers on how to repair a shed roof yourself.

Repairing the shingles

After being exposed to winds, rains, and sunlight, shingles will eventually start to weaken. They will peel, crack, or completely fall off, which leaves the roof’s sheathing exposed. If you notice any missing shingles, be sure to replace them right away.

Whether it’s one shingle or a whole row of shingles, take care during the replacement process. You don’t want to cause damage to good shingles or the underlayment underneath. Depending on the size of the shed, you may even consider an overlay: Putting a whole new layer of shingles over the top of the existing layers.

Repairing the underlayment

Is the underlayment or shingles on your roof showing signs of wear or damage? Are there rips or holes in the roofing felt or synthetic material? Carefully pry up the shingles around the damaged underlayment and remove the nails. Then cut out the damaged underlayment, measure, and cut some new material with an inch or two larger on each side.

Tuck the new piece under the existing underlayment and use roofing staples to hold it in place. Then replace the shingles. If there is extensive damage to the underlayment, or the leak has been there a long time, there could be issues with the roof deck.

Repairing the decking

Exposing your roof to excess moisture could cause mold or dry rot to develop. If the wood is soft, or is sagging, then it’s time to replace that section. Cut out the damaged area to the nearest rafter, cut a new piece to replace the hole, and then nail it in place. Then add underlayment and roofing material.

If tackling your shed roof repair is not something you have time for, or you simply want to leave it to the professionals at Warner Roofing, that’s okay! We have worked on roofing projects from big to small since 1992 and are glad to talk to you about your roof repair. Contact us today!

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