Re-Roofing vs. Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof isn’t something most of us really think about… until we have to. Winter storms could blow off a few shingles, a large branch falls on the roof, or even evidence of water damage on the inside of the house will often make the decision for us.

But there are times when a roof restoration may be part of a whole-home remodel. Asphalt composite shingles are the most common material used on roofs and they come in a variety of colors. But they don’t add a “wow” factor like cedar shake shingles, metal, or composite slate roofing does.

If the existing roof is fine, but you just want to change the look of your home, do you really need to tear it off and start from scratch? Or can you just re-roof what’s already there with a newer material? Depending on your roof, either answer could be correct.

Roof Replacements

Over time, certain roofing material begins to break down. Composite or asphalt shingles and cedar shake roofing have the shortest lifespans in that respect. When they’re at the end of their usefulness, it’s recommended that you replace the existing shingles on your roof completely.

In some cases, it’s just not feasible to perform an overlay (re-roof). For example, you wouldn’t put metal roofing over concrete tiles because the tiles would break during installation. It makes sense to put architectural shingles over a similar layer of shingles. But mixing two types of materials isn’t recommended.

Re-roofing a home could exceed building code requirements on the roof trusses, too. While you could reinforce the structure to handle the extra weight, doesn’t it make more sense to just replace the shingles and underlayment? In most cases, the roof deck itself can be used as-is.

Re-roofing Situations

There are times when a re-roof over the existing roof makes sense. As part of a whole-home remodel, you may want to give your roofing system a facelift. But what if the existing shingles are in good shape? If your roof doesn’t show signs of damage or needing service, then an overlay can save you money.

Just make sure you have an experienced roofing contractor perform a thorough inspection. In some cases, the shingles may look fine from the outside. But they could be hiding major water damage or areas that require repair. If there are problem spots on your roof, you don’t want to just cover them up with new materials.

A re-roof could also cost you money in the long run if you eventually need a full roof replacement. Now there are two layers of roofing materials to remove and haul away. So while you may be able to save a little money in the present, those costs could come back to you when it’s time for a new roof.

Experienced roof contractors

Whether you decide to go with a re-roof or a complete roof replacement, Warner Roofing and Construction has decades of experience with both. We’ll perform a complete examination of your roofing material, the attic space, and other aspects of the roofing system to give you the information you need to make an educated decision.

When you work with Warner Roofing, you have peace of mind that the job is done right. We offer warranties on both complete tear-offs and re-roofing projects and the materials we use carry warranties that last three decades or longer. Trying to figure out a new roof? Contact Warner Roofing and Construction for a free estimate.

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