How to find an affordable roofing contractor?

No matter what we’re buying, it’s always a good idea to do a little research. Whether it’s a new car, a new laptop, or even a babysitting service, the more we know the better. It’s no different when it comes to a home improvement or repair company. Price is always a consideration, but it can’t be the only factor.

It’s no different when it comes to hiring a roofing company. There is one big difference though – most purchases aren’t required to protect your home from the four seasons of weather we get in the Pacific Northwest. When it comes time to find an affordable roofing contractor for maintenance, repair, or even a roof replacement, the right choice is critical.

What’s your budget for a roof?

roof tilesYes, the cost is important and it makes sense to consider the situation. Is this an income property, a first house, or a forever home? That bit of information can make all the difference in the world. The size of the home, the age of the current roof, and what roofing materials are used also play a part.

Before starting any home improvements, figure out what kind of budget you have to work with. Once you know your financial considerations, you can start some research. Asphalt shingles are the least expensive but last 20-30 years. Slate roofing will last 75 years or longer but are more expensive and require specialized installation.

For a forever home, the peace of mind of the latter makes a lot of sense. Flipping a home for a profit may call for the asphalt shingles. The architecture of the home may call for clay tiles or cedar shingles while commercial roofing may require metal panels or a bitumen roof if flat.

So What’s Important?

You wouldn’t buy the least expensive car if it has a history of breaking down or a laptop that’s known for its constant update needs. Just like when hiring a roofing contractor, quality workmanship saves you money with fewer repairs or replacements in the future.

For the most part, the materials listed above will cost the same no matter who you hire. Your budget will dictate what kind of roofing you go with, so it comes down to the roofing contractor you hire. Whether it’s roofing repairs or complete roofing installation, you want someone you can trust and has a proven track record.

Warner Roofing and Construction has been working in Clark County since 1992. We’ve provided your friends and neighbors with experienced, professional, and affordable roofing services. Is it time to replace your roof or need roof repairs after a long winter? Contact Warner Roofing to see how we can help.

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