Why Install Solar Tubes in Your Home?

There’s no question that bringing natural sunlight into your home is a good thing. Studies show it keeps you happier and makes you more productive. It even saves you money! The more sunlight you draw into your home, the less you pay on your monthly energy bills.

That’s why skylights are so popular. But what happens if the playroom, bedroom, kitchen, or family room where you want the light has an attic overhead?

The solution is a solar tube, also called a sun tunnel or a tubular skylight. Less well known than skylights, they are helping families make the most of natural light.

Here is a look at how a solar tube works and how to tell if the technology can benefit your home.

What Is a Solar Tube?

A solar tube is a device that sends sunlight from the roof, through the attic, and into the rooms of your home. It starts at a small dome on your roof and ends in a diffuser in the ceiling of the room where you want more light.

Sunlight passes through the dome and is reflected in the tube, which passes directly through your attic, to the ceiling of the room below. There, the reflected light flows through the diffuser, spreading natural sunlight throughout the room.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Tubes?

A skylight sends light directly into the room below it. But this doesn’t help the many houses with attics. In the past, homeowners with attics had no way to get sunlight to the rooms below.

Solar tubes to the rescue! The device allows homes with attics to take advantage of the many benefits of natural sunlight. The clever design transports the light from outdoors through a tube into the room you choose.

This lets you and your family enjoy the many benefits of natural sunlight, including:

  • Productivity: multiple studies show that areas with natural sunlight increase your productivity and your comfort levels.
  • Circadian levels: sunlight simulates the mental and visual cues that help to regulate your circadian rhythms, an essential factor in your health and well being.
  • Savings: using natural sunlight means you rely less on artificial light, so your energy bills go down.
  • Ecologically friendly: using less artificial light reduces the amount of energy required and conserves resources.

Will It Work in Your Home?

Does your home have an attic? In most cases, solar tubes will work for you. They are, in effect, skylights for attic-challenged homes.

It is essential that the work be done by professionals, like the team at Warner Roofing.

Much like a chimney or a vent, a solar tube creates a hole in your roof. That’s why you want to rely on experts who know how to install a solar tube that is leak-free. Pros understand how to seal the opening to keep out rain and moisture, preventing expensive damage to your roof and the rooms below.

Once you get them installed, maintenance is easy. The parts are sturdy and seldom require repair.

Trust Experience

The experts at Warner Roofing are craftsmen. Over the years they have earned a reputation in the community for quality craftsmanship and excellent materials.

For more information or a free quote for solar tubes, call the professionals at Warner Roofing today.

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