What’s Under Your Roof?

Roofs, as a general rule, should be inspected every couple of years to make sure they are free of damage and don’t need repairs. On top of that, many roofing materials only have a lifespan of about 25 to 30 years anyway, and may need semi-frequent inspection.

Unfortunately, many things could also happen—snow, termites, water damage, etc.—that accelerate the timeline for replacing your roof. You as the homeowner want to make sure that you stay ahead of the game.

For major roof problems, homeowners will go with a tear off. Though it’s more costly than an overlay, it has many benefits for the longevity of your home.

The Main Benefit of a Complete Roof Tear Off

A roofing tear off allows you to finally be able to peel back every layer of roofing material on your home. It’s the most accurate assessment of your roof’s status.

Most roofs look perfectly fine from the outside, but have loads of problems that are undetectable without a tear off, or a proper inspection. You might have rotted plywood, broken truss members, or areas of the fascia trim that need to be replaced.

Rot, or water damage, could mean there’s loads of mold inside your home, which can be dangerous for your health if left unchecked. You could also uncover something like a termite infestation (hopefully while it’s still in its early stages).

Some contractors are going to recommend a roof overlay (putting another layer of shingles on top of the old shingles without ever looking at what’s underneath your roof). They usually do this because it’s quick and relatively inexpensive for them. Also, between us, it doesn’t take much experience to do an overlay, so almost anyone could successfully pull it off.

By moving forward with a tear off project, however, you can trust legitimate professional contractors to inspect every square inch of your roof – from the decking to the framing and everything in between. They will have an opportunity to determine whether or not your roof needs serious rehabilitation or just a new set of shingles, and that’s going to prevent you from dealing with expensive repair costs down the line.

Your home’s roof is so much more than the “hat” that sits atop your walls. This is your first line of defense against every kind of weather and every gust of wind Mother Nature throws at your home, a critical component of your home’s system that keeps you, your loved ones, and your possessions nice and dry – not to mention comfortable and climate controlled – no matter what may be swirling and whirling outside your house.

Keep you and your family safe by staying on top of roof problems. Call Warner Roofing for any questions about roof tear off.

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