Algae Defender Roofing Shingles

Living in the Pacific Northwest means that your roof is pounded with a lot of rain over the course of fall, winter, and spring. That means your roof is likely to develop some algae over time, and we all know how undesirable that is to clean up and look at. Warner Roofing is proud to use PABCO Roofing products and their new algae defender shingles. We recommend that our customers use these shingles for roofing replacements because of their superiority in algae defense and resistance.

How Algae Can Damage Your Roof

Algae retain moisture easily and can cause shingles to deteriorate and eventually rot completely. This is not only a nuisance to clean off, but it can bring down the value of your property and cause the roof to rot in portions, ultimately causing damage to the underlying portion of your roof. Keeping trees trimmed and away from your roof can prevent algae growth, and making sure your roof has proper ventilation is also key. We also recommend that homeowners use PABCO Algae Defender shingles.

All About PABCO Algae Defender Shingles

These shingles are high quality and backed by an algae resistant warranty. PABCO products have been produced for more over two decades through proven manufacturing techniques that offer lasting protection against nasty black streaks caused by algae buildup. The limited lifetime warranty means that you can trust that your home’s roof will look great and keep you protected for years to come. When rain or dew hits your Algae Defender shingles, specially formulated copper ions are released gradually to provide protection from black streaks. Once the shingles are installed, you can trust that they will go to work and you will not have to worry about it again. The result: a home that has great curb appeal on the outside, while you can sit back and relax on the inside.

If you have struggled with algae buildup and cannot seem to get rid of those black streaks that come from blue-green algae on your roof, let our team at Warner Roofing help. We bring significant knowledge of the roofing industry to each roofing project, no matter how big or small it is.

Contact us today for information on PABCO products and prices on getting your roofing job started!

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