What Is a Flat Roof?

Flat roofs are unique and becoming popular with homeowners as well as construction professionals building new homes. These roofs have varying prices and often come with a 10 to 20-year warranty, sometimes longer if they are maintained well and installed correctly from the get go.  Here, we will describe three basic flat roof types

Built-up Roof

This type of roof is built from three or more types of waterproof material that is staggered with hot tar and ballasted with a layer of smooth river stone. In the past, these types of roofs were made of tar paper, but now they are becoming more advanced and are using higher quality material. This is the most inexpensive roof variety and because it consists of gravel, it is fire retardant. These are heavy roofs and often require strengthened joists, so be sure that your roofing professional takes a close look at your home’s structure before you decide to install this type of roof.

Modified Bitumen

This is a single-ply rolled roof that is made of a peel and stick material. It is light colored and because of this easily reflects heat, which can help cut utility bills over time. It is priced mid-range, and it’s safe and easy to install.

Rubber Membrane

This is a durable material that looks similar to an inner tube and it is built to resist sunlight damage. It is usually mechanically anchored with fasteners, ballasted with stone, or glued. This is easily installed and even though the material is incredibly durable, it is light and holds up well against tears and scuffs. If there are any leaks, they are easy to patch. This is a higher priced flat roof option.

Have you completed significant amounts of roof repair on a regular basis and are still experiencing problems? Flat roofs are different than traditional sloped roofs, so there are different methods of repair and other considerations before you decide to replace it. They are prone to leak more than traditional roofs, so it is important that you pinpoint leaks and be sure that the right foundational material is being used.

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of replacing your flat roof and not sure where to start? Contacting a roofing professional for advice or to provide a thorough assessment of the roof will help you know your best options are and if you should continue to repair it for the time being or replace it altogether.

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